Accelerator Science and Technology Promotion Office

Our Mission is to inspire innovation seeds through KEK’s advanced scientific research activity for accelerator research, and performing collaboration working with universities, industrial partners and national institutes. KEK two campuses have been placed on a unique research park respectively, and there are many national institutes and universities around us. Our collaboration activity focused consists of three cores as follows;

◆University collaboration 

We formed a council to run accelerator science collaboration together with major universities. And also, we have not only the role of planning and conducting convention for support projects of university and accelerator science society but also other innovative areas.

◆ Community research collaboration

KEK Tsukuba campus, main campus located in Tsukuba city, so-called Science city. There are many important national institutes and universities around us. We have been influencing research activities each other in Tsukuba connecting each outside organization. Then it became “TIA” (stand for Tsukuba Innovation Arena) as an innovation model in Japan. This borderless community TIA consists of 5 organizations, such as two national institutes AIST (advanced institute for science and technology) and NIMS (national institute for material science), two universities (univ. of Tsukuba and the univ. of Tokyo) and KEK. At this TIA, there are a lots of collaboration projects innovated. At the TIA activity, a typical project which we call “KAKEHASHI” (Japanese language: Bridge for innovation) project, it is the project to incubate innovative idea and tomorrow’s technology. This Kakehashi means researcher’s bridge across organization, a bridge for new science and a bridge from science to technology.

 ●TIA: Tsukuba Innovation Arena. "TIA" is an open innovation hub operated by five institutes includes KEK in Tsukuba and Tokyo.

◆Industry collaboration

The open innovation promotion office is the gateway to KEK research activity and also play as an industry window to outside KEK. Then we are doing to assist a joint research collaboration project as research coordinator role. Since 2017, we enable co-creating the values based on KEK’s unique scientific innovative seeds, with industrial partners (membership), and formed the 1st consortium. This activity was named “KYOSO” (Co-Creation) consortium as KEK 1st model, and in 2019 it grew to several consortiums powered by industrial partners and research community. They are running now for future science and technology.