Intellectual Property and Partnership Office

The research at KEK makes full use of the cutting-edge technologies of accelerators and radiation detectors, which have potential of industrial value and prospects of future developments in the industry. A compact and high-quality system of an accelerator and radiation detectors, for example, enables a medical treatment and diagnosis with a significantly less radiation dose to the patients. The benefit of these scientific achievements needs to be returned to the society not only with academic articles but also by the industrial application through technology transfer. To this end, the relevant intellectual properties (IPs) should be protected and utilized properly and the implementation of the application, requiring a combination of various technologies, should follow a strategic R&D and IP management. The IP Office supports these activities by;

◆ Provide and support utilization of an intellectual property management system 

◆ Provide support to utilization of an intellectual database

◆ Review and expansion of the system in accordance with intellectual property strategy 

◆ Organize seminars for strategic intellectual property  

>>KEK Patent List is here (Japanese)

>>Procedure of Intellectual Property is here (Japanese)