Multi-national Partnership Laboratory Team

◆WHAT is Multi-national Partnership Laboratory?

The Multi-national Partnership Laboratory (“MNPL”) is a New Framework which KEK has established in 2016 to promote its international collaborative research projects conducted or to be conducted at KEK more actively and effectively by utilizing its state-of-the-art accelerators and related facilities.

MNPL Organization Chart (April 1st, 2018)


We, Multi-national Partnership Laboratory Promotion Team, strive to discover new research projects with long-term, fresh and innovative perspectives to promote more vigorously the accelerator science on a global scale.


Our first adopted project (“MNPP-01”), R&D for high luminosity colliders has kept on going very actively since 2017: CLICK HERE for more details about the Project.


●WHAT SHOULD YOU DO to launch a new project through this MNPL Framework?

●WHAT ADVANTAGE will you receive when you join the MNPL?

We, Multi-national Partnership Laboratory Promotion Team provide various professional services to our participants who are considering a launch of a new project as follows: