Research Administration Department

Support for the Promotion

Research Administration Planning Office

  • Support of KEK general database improvement, research survey and analysis 
  • Assist in the acquisition of external fund 
  • Assist and support young researchers and female researchers 
  • Gather information to support research activities and implement trainings for URA 
  • Public relations of the program

  • International Cooperation Office

  • Devise and analyze international cooperation strategy
  • Assist in managing Multi-national Partnership Laboratory
  • Assist in collaborations between research institutions around the world
  • Provide support to international collaborative research
  • Devise and enhance various support measures for researchers all over the world
  • Assist in organizing international events
  • Assist and support international information services
  • Arrange facility visit for researchers from other countries

  • University and Industry Partnership Office

  • Assist in KEK-university collaborations
  • Assist in KEK-industry collaborations
  • Assist in KEK-district collaborations

  • Intellectual Property Office

  • Provide and support utilization of an intellectual property management system
  • Provide support to utilization of an intellectual database
  • Review and expansion of the system in accordance with intellectual property strategy
  • Organize seminars for strategic intellectual property

  • TIA Office

  • Plan, prepare documents, and participate for/in major TIA conferences
  • Plan and support for symposiums and workshops
  • Promote and support for research cooperation

  • Multi-national Partnership Laboratory Team

  • Arrange and promote cooperation with the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN)
  • Arrange and promote cooperation with TRIUMF (Canada's national laboratory for particle and nuclear physics and accelerator-based science)
  • Arrange and promote cooperation with DESY (The Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron)
  • Arrange and promote cooperation with EU (European Union)
  • Arrange, promote and enhance the cooperation with various research institutes in Asia and Oceania
  • Arrange and promote cooperation with various research institutes in France
  • Arrange and promote the cooperation with various research institutes in India
  • Arrange and promote international cooperation with other regions in the world

  • Multi-corporation Partnership Laboratory Team

  • Operate Multi-corporation Partnership Laboratory system
  • Promote the visualization of Multi-corporation Partnership Laboratory