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The symposium "Starting up the world's most powerful accelerators:
LHC and J-PARC" held in Tokyo
On Wednesday, 24 September, KEK held a symposium entitled "Starting up the world's most powerful accelerators: LHC and J-PARC" in Tokyo. This symposium was the second one in a series of symposiums aiming for gaining more understanding of accelerator science. The main theme of the symposium was the technology used in LHC and J-PARC. The symposium included lectures by researchers from industry and the scientists, reporting on results achieved through industry-university-laboratory collaborations.

The first half of the symposium consisted of a series of sessions on LHC. Tomio Kobayashi, professor at University of Tokyo, started with the lecture entitled "Expected physics performance from LHC", followed by Akira Yamamoto of KEK, ILC project manager who designed the superconducting magnets for the ATLAS detector at the LHC, explaining "Japanese companies' superb technology which supported the LHC" illustrated by examples. Then two industry representatives gave lectures on these technologies. Shinichiro Meguro from Furukawa Electric talked about superconducting cables, and Seiichiro Yoshinaga from IHI Corporation talked about refrigerator systems, of which they have the world's largest capacity. Both Furukawa and IHI have been awarded the LHC Golden Hadron Award in 2003 for their outstanding achievements and contributions.

The second half of the symposium started with a session by Susumu Ikeda of KEK entitled "Neutron science expected at J-PARC." The J-PARC session also invited two speakers from the industry: Kenichi Hayashi from Toshiba Electron Tubes & Devices Co., Ltd, talking about RF technology, and Katsuya Hirota from Japan Neutron Optics.

The symposium was well received to attract approximately 200 attendees. The next symposium will be held in March 2009, with the theme of accelerators used in medicine.
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