NSRRC adopted KEKB-type superconducting cavity for Taiwan Photon Source project

30 Sep 2010


by courtesy of NSRRC

National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center (NSRRC) in Taiwan chose the KEKB-type superconducting cavity to be installed into the synchrotron storage ring of the Taiwan Photon Source (TPS), the third generation synchrotron light source currently under construction right next to the site of existing accelerator, Taiwan Light Source (TLS). Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Japan, received the order to fabricate three cavities scheduled to be delivered to NSRRC in 2012.

TPS will be among the brightest light source facilities in the world with an accelerator of 3 giga-electron volt energy, 518.4 meters in circumference, and a low-emittance synchrotron storage ring. As part of the major advanced scientific research projects under National Science Council in Taiwan, the new facility is expected to start commissioning in 2013.