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particle collider accelerators projects and research in particle physics
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FALC History
2003 FALC (originally called, "the Funding Agencies for Linear Colliders") was established with the view of having an in-depth understanding on R&D funding status towards a sub- TeV linear collider and sharing the prospects of its future.
2004 By 2004, funding agencies from Canada, CERN, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, UK and the US were represented. The Chairs of ICFA and its subcommittee ILCSC have been invited to attend FALC meetings ever since the International Linear Collider (ILC) project moved into an engineering design phase and the SCRF technology was chosen for the ILC.
2005 The Director of the Global Design Effort (GDE) has been invited to attend FALC meetings ever since the GDE was established. With a request from the communities, FALC formed a Resource Group to oversee the GDE Common Fund.
2006 FALC acronym remained unchanged, but its name was changed to "Funding Agencies for Large Colliders".
2007 The Terms of Reference (TOR) of FALC was agreed by the FALC members.
2008 FALC's first public report was issued.
2010 FALC's second public report was issued.
2013 FALC revisited the Term of Reference (TOR) for the next three years.
FALC's third public repor was issued. FALC published a Report on GDE.
FALC Chair rotates every three years.
2003-2005 UK chaired FALC
Chair: Dr. Ian Halliday
2006-2008 Italy chaired FALC
Chair: Dr. Roberto Petronzio
2009-2011 Canada chaired FALC
Chair: Dr. Pierre Coulombe, Dr. Walter Davidson
2012-2014 Japan chairs FALC
Chair: Dr. Yasuhiro Okada
Past Meetings/Upcoming Meetings
2003 The First Meeting in London on 30 July 2003
2004 The Second Meeting in London on 6 April 2004
The Third Meeting in London on 27 July 2004
The Fourth Meeting in Geneva on 17 September 2004
2005 The Fifth Meeting in London on 4 March 2005
The Seventh Meeting in Chicago on 4 November 2005
2006 The Eighth Meeting in Rome on 22 May 2006
The Ninth Meeting in Tsukuba on 20 November 2006
2007 The Tenth Meeting in London on 22 January 2007
The Eleventh Meeting in Rome on 11 July 2007
2008 The Twelfth Meeting in Vancouver on 18 January 2008
The Thirteenth Meeting in Rome on 14 July 2008
2009 The Fourteenth Meeting in Madrid on 19 January 2009
The Fifteenth Meeting in Quebec City on 13 July 2009
2010 The Sixteenth Meeting at Mumbai on 18 January 2010
The Seventeenth Meeting in Geneva on 19 June 2010
2011 The Eighteenth Meeting in California on 22 January 2011
The Nineteenth Meeting in Geneva on 6 October 2011
2012 The Twentieth Meeting in Hayama on 16 April 2012
The Twenty First Meeting in Chicago on 12 November 2012
2013 The Twenty Second Meeting in Paris on 23 April 2013
The Twenty Third Meeting in Tokyo on 12 November 2013
2014 The Twenty Fourth Meeting in Batavia on 17 May 2014
The Twenty Fifth Meeting in Beijing on 31 October 2014
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