For international dialogue on future
particle collider accelerators projects and research in particle physics
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Terms of Reference
1. To consider the wider picture of particle physics research, to understand the priorities and constraints in each region and to provide information and guidance to governments for planning and coordinating large particle physics facilities.
2. To improve the possibilities for international co-operation by understanding the planning processes in the funding agencies.
3. To provide a forum to prepare for, and report, decisions about funding arrangements for future particle physics facilities.
4. To provide a forum to promote knowledge of the applications of the technologies to be developed for large colliders, both in other scientific areas and in industry.
5. Recognizing ICFA as the scientific reference point, to receive reports from ICFA (and its subsidiary bodies as appropriate), on the status of programmes for future particle physics facilities.
6. To exchange information on R&D projects being carried out for future particle physics facilities requiring international cooperation.
7. To encourage global cooperation in the R&D programmes for existing projects (such as the LHC and J-PARC), promote coordination for projects in the R&D and design phase (such as the ILC and CLIC) and share information on possible future technologies and projects (such as accelerator-based neutrino programmes).
8. To promote for the ILC specifically, the coordination of resources and the conduct of an R&D programme for the engineering design phase, and to work towards an appropriate organisational structure for the engineering design phase.
9. To produce a public annual report, including a scientific report from ICFA and information on the global picture of R&D for future particle physics facilities.
These Terms of Reference will be reviewed in 2016.
Representatives of funding agencies (up to 5-7 per region), or their nominees. The Chairman should be elected from amongst the members, for a period of 3 years.
In attendance: Chairs of ICFA and LCB, and LCC Director
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