Data Analysis Space

 Starting FY2012, for safety reasons, users are not allowed to access the second floor at the beamlines. As a consequence, you cannot use the Data Analysis Spaces previously available on the decks of BL-5A and BL-17A. However, we built a new Data Analysis Room downstream of BL-1A. If you need to get access to the Data Analysis Space, please use the allocated area in the PF Light Source Building (nearby BL-1A) or the PF-AR NW building (nearby AR-NW12A). These two Data Analysis Spaces can be used outside of your scheduled beam time.

Data Analysis Room in PF Light Source Building

Notification of use
  • Only Linux PCs are available. Please backup your files on Linux.=> details

  • 2 Linux PCs

Data Analysis Room in PF-AR NW Building

Notification of use
  • Please take your shoes off and use slippers made available at the entrance of the room.
  • Eating and drinking is prohibited, because the room is within the radiation controlled area.

  • 4 Linux PCs
  • 1 Windows PC
  • Color Laser Printer

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