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High-Energy Accelerator Organization (KEK) Promotes Contribution Project


How to donate

Donation by documentsRequest or download an application form.
Please refer to the following ‘Procedure for donation by documents’
Donation via the Web sitePayment by credit card (Individual only)
Form obtainable here
※Jump to the donation screen offered by ITC Japan, Inc.
Donation by bequestDonate to KEK
For details, see here

Procedure for donation by documents

1. Application Form

After you have downloaded the appropriate application document, please refer the notes on how to fill in it, then fax or send it to us by post. The department in charge of receiving donations will contact you later on about the relevant procedures.

  Application form
Individual word pdf
Company & Group word pdf
「Privilege for students only」
「Your name is displayed in
Neutrino/B-factory 」
word pdf
Other donations word pdf

【Place to submit】

Inter University Research Institute Corporation
High Energy Accelerator Research Organization

Research Cooperation Division, Research Cooperation Dept

1-1 Oho, Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture 305-0801 Japan

TEL : 029-864-5133
E-mail: gaishi2[at] ※[at]→@

2. A Receipt

We will send you a receipt and a letter of gratitude by post as soon as we have confirmed your donation.

3. Privilege

For donors’ privileges see here.


Your personal information will be used for the purposes that are in-line with the mission of the KEK Donation.

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