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High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK) Promotes Fundraising Projects


Donors Benefits

Bestow honorary titles depending on donation amount in accordance with the criteria below

Special Honorary Members 10 million yen or more100 million yen or more
Honorary Members5 million yen or more50 million yen or more
Special Contributing Members1 million yen or more10 million yen or more
Contributing Members 300 thousand yen or more3 million yen or more
Supporting Members100 thousand yen or more1 million yen or more

Tax Benefits (for Residents in Japan)

For Individual Donation
Taxable Income Deduction

The portion of your donation exceeding 2000 yen is eligible for taxable income deduction, up to the amount of 40% of your annual taxable income in the applicable year. You can use the receipt for your donation as a certificate for application of the deduction.

Resident Tax Deduction

If KEK is designated by the local prefectures or municipalities you reside as an organization eligible for donation tax deduction, the amounts shown below will be deducted from your individual resident taxes in next calendar year, up to the amount of 30% of your annual taxable income.

Donation designated by Prefectures: (donation amount – 2000 yen) x 4%

Donation designated by Municipalities: (donation amount – 2000 yen) x 6%

* There are many prefectures and municipalities who designate KEK as an organization eligible for the tax benefits, such as Ibaraki prefecture and Tsukuba city.

For Corporate Donation

Donations of any amount to the KEK may be included in deductible expenses for tax purposes.

Present a commemorative shield

Special Honorary Members, Honorary Members, and Special Contributing Members will earn commemorative shield, while Contributing Members and Supporting Members will receive a letter of gratitude.

Display Donor Names in The Kobayashi Hall in the KEK Tsukuba Campus


Kobayashi Hall, on the first floor of the main research building, is named in honor of KEK Special Honorable Professor Makoto Kobayashi who won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2008, and is now a symbol of KEK. For the donors who earned honorary titles, the nameplates with their names engraved will be displayed in the entrance of the Kobayashi Hall. Sizes and colors vary depending on the honorary titles the donors have.

Annual Party hosted by the KEK Director General for gratitude to donors

The donors with the honorary titles will be invited to the annual party for the period according to the criteria below.

Special Honorary MembersIn perpetuity
Honorary Members20 years
Special Contributing Members10 years
Contributing & Supporting Members1 year

Invitation to KEK Seminars (now in progress)

This is for Supporting Members or above. We will provide you with more information about this through the KEK Web page.

Other Benefits

We are also planning to add a variety of new benefits for donors. We sincerely ask for your continued support.

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