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Making the KEK donation programs to better meet interests of donors

KEK has been continuing efforts to make its donation programs to better meet wide variety of interests of donors. Some donors may be interested in basic research activities by KEK to search for origins of the universe and life. Some others may be interested in the current or planned specific facilities, such as the Photon Factory (PF) or International Linear Collider (ILC) respectively. Further, there may be donors who wish to celebrate the KEK 50th Anniversary in 2021 and to support the various commemorative projects now under planning and preparation. Seeing such a wide variety of interests of donors, at present KEK designates five uses of donation which donors can choose from when making applications and their donation will be spent for the chosen use. The five uses of donation designated by KEK are currently as follows.

● Promotion of the KEK 50th Anniversary Commemorative Projects in 2021

● General Donation for the Research, Educational and Social Activities by KEK

● Promotion of Public Awareness of the International Linear Collider

● KEK Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students

● Upgrade of the Photon Factory

KEK sincerely hopes the designated uses as above will be of your interest and would very much appreciate your generous support to those.

  • 50周年
  • 50周年サポーターズ
  • Neutrino・B-factory
  • students only
  • International Students
  • ILC
  • ILC
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