Ozaki Exchange Program
 Possible Research Places in Japan

Final update; 2022/11/4
     KEK (High Energy Accelerator Research Organization): https://www.kek.jp/en/
  -   KEK/IPNS (Institute of Particle and Nuclear Studies): https://www2.kek.jp/ipns/en/
KEK/ACCL (Accelerator Laboratory):  https://www2.kek.jp/accl/eng/index.html
-   KEK/ARL (Applied Research Laboratory): https://www.kek.jp/en/About/Organization/ARL/
-     J-PARC: https://j-parc.jp/index-e.html
    Other HEP laboratories at universities in Japan:


The U.S. applicant may refer to the above list to consider his/her receiving institution on Ozaki Exchange Program, and is expected to contact directly by themselves.

The list may not be comprehensive and it is possible to contact HEP laboratories that are not listed.

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