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Usage Note
・The publishers and distributors of the e-resources require compliance with the terms and conditions of use of these products. 

Generally users must not:

・Systematically download material  
・Use resources for any purpose other than private study, teaching and / or research
・make multiple print or electronic copies, or provide them to anyone

Systematic Downloading of Electronic Resources

    Systematic Downloading of Electronic Resources are strictly prohibited.

For example you must not:

Downloading with programs: "crawlers", "robots", "spiders" etc...
Downloading with download support softwares
Downloading all volumes or all articles of an specific journal

When a lot of download requests are send from one specific computer within a given period , it may be regarded as "Systematic Download" even if it is manually done.

Please be aware that systematic downloading will cause the publisher to block entire community of users of KEK from accessing our subscribed resources.