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Universe • Materials • Life

  The Open House is on August 31, 9:00 to 16:30.
  Come visit us, and enjoy science !
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Lecture (in Japanese)

  • Shoji Nagamiya (Director, J-PARC Project Office)
  • Akira Yamamoto (Director, KEK Cryogenics Science Center)

Special events

  • Have Fun with Physics
  • Make a Radio by Yourself
  • Scientific Toys
  • Voice Challenge
  • Paper Craft Air-Plane
  • Handmade Cloud Chamber
Make a radio by Yourself


  We provide free Campus bus service in KEK from 9:00 to 16:30.
  You can go around by bus or on foot.

    Questions ?  Go to Guest Service Center A or B.

How to get novelties.

  • Collect 10 stamps to get a gift at Guest Service Center A or B. How to get gifts.
  • Answer Questionnaire for KEK Open House at Guest Servidce Center A or B.
  • Go to Mechanical Engineering Center to finde out some originals.
  • Try to find out other gifts.   

Open Facilities
  Proton Synchrotron
  Photon Factory Ring
  Photon Factory Experimental Hall
  KEKB B-factory Accelerator
  Tsukuba Experimental Hall & Visitors Corner
陽子シンクロトロン   Electron Linac
  Accelerator Test Facility
  Superconducting RF Test Facility
  Radiation Science Center
  Computing Research Center
  Mechanical Engineering Center
  Cryogenics Science Center
  KEK Communication Plaza

exhibition at

  KEK Communication Plaza
  Kenkyu Hon-Kan
  KEK International Center

How to reach us   ( Time Table )
  Free bus service will be provided between Tsukuba Center Bus Terminal and KEK, from 8:40 to 14:30
(Returning buses run from 11:00 to 17:00).
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How to get gifts.
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