Accelerator Seminar

DATE: 2012-06-14 13:30 - 15:00
PLACE: Meeting Room, 5th Floor, 3goukan Building
TITLE: Development of fast controls for beam wire scanner at SuperKEKB
CONTACT: Kazuro Furukawa, x4316 /
SPEAKER: Anindya Roy  (VECC (Variable Energy Cyclotron Center), Kolkata, India)
ABSTRACT: [[ 1. Development of fast controls for beam wire scanner at SuperKEKB ]]

The KEK 8-GeV LINAC injects electron and positron beams with different characteristics into four storage rings: KEKB high-energy ring (HER), KEKB low-energy ring (LER), Photon Factory (PF) and PF-AR. The wire scanners are used to monitor beam profile non-destructively along the beam line. A
data acquisition system, synchronized with LINAC timing system, is developed to acquire multiple
beam mode data simultaneously. The data acquisition time and quality are optimized in this system
by implementing a multispeed wire movement. The system is installed in LINAC beam line and tested
successfully. This presentation will describe the system.

[[ 2. Cyclotron control system in VECC ]]

There are two cyclotrons in VECC, Room Temperature Cyclotron (RTC) and Superconducting
Cyclotron (SCC). RTC was commissioned in 1976. It is rejuvenated in 2008 by introducing modern
technologies and computerized control. SCC is under commissioning. The first internal beam (Ne 3+)
was accelerated in SCC on August 25, 2009. In 2006, KEK conducted a workshop on EPICS in VECC.
Since then VECC has marched a long way towards implementing EPICS in cyclotron control. At present,
several systems e.g. magnet power supplies, RF, deflector system, vacuum system, low conductivity
water system, are being controlled and integrated using EPICS. There are also a number of EPICS related
developments being carried out involving site specific requirements. This presentation will give an
overall view of the control system and developments in VECC.