On unauthorized access to a computer system at KEK (Follow-up)

December 10, 2013

High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK)

As we reported on November 14, 2013, unauthorized access was identified in the operation record of the log-in server for KEK’s super computer system on November 1, 2013, and KEK suspended the users operation of its super computer system.

The subsequent investigation at KEK confirmed the absence of unauthorized system alteration or divulgence of personal or sensitive information. With the system security setup enhanced and the protection of users’ credentials strengthened to prevent recurrence of similar incidents, today KEK resumed the service operation of the super computer system.

It is our understanding that this incident involves unauthorized access to KEK’s computer by using user credentials which had been stolen in some fashion elsewhere.

KEK expresses its regret to the users and members of organizations that have been affected by this incident.