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New Physics Forum is organized for the purpose of stimulating physics research to understand the origin of elementary particles and the structure of the Universe. U. Tokyo (Hongo), ICRR (Kashiwa) and KEK (Tsukuba) will take turns providing a meeting place every month. Added under “Seminar” section.

2016年03月16日 | NEWS

News: Joint KEK Theory Fermilab Theory Workshop 2015 (Aug.3-7, 2015)

The members of the KEK Theory Center visited our sister lab, Fermilab
Theory Division, and had a mini-workshop from August 3rd to August
7th at Fermilab, USA.

The workshop was held as one of the activities based on the MoU
between the KEK Theory Center and Fermilab Theory Division signed in
Winter 2014. The attendees from KEK are Satoshi Iso, Ryuichiro Kitano,
Teppei Kitahara, Masafumi Kurachi, Kosaku Tobioka, and Kei Yamamoto,
and they gave presentations on their recent works. The guest speakers
are also invited: Michael Dine from US Santa Cruz and David E. Kaplan
from Johns Hopkins U, and they gave presentations on exciting timely
topics such as the new/old solutions to the strong CP problem and the
new idea for solving the hierarchy problem, the relaxion. Based on
these interesting talks, participants both from KEK and Fermilab had
stimulating discussions on various topics studied in both institutes,
including the strong CP problem, supersymmetric models, the nature of
the Higgs boson, LHC physics, neutrino physics, and flavor physics.

2015年08月25日 | NEWS