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Accl. Lab. Topics 2015/6/8

Dr. Xudong Wang received the 2015 Encourage Prize of the Cryogenic and Superconductivity Society of Japan, CSSJ

Dr. Xudong Wang in the KEK Accelerator Laboratory was awarded the 2015 Encourage Prize of CSSJ.
The prizes is given to the researcher under 35 years old who belongs to CSSJ, and has the possibility of the remarkable contribution in the academic and technical fields of the cryogenic and superconductivity engineering, or actively presents the papers and the research talks in the journal and the conference of CSSJ.
In the NEDO project aiming at the practical realization of the superconducting power cable made with YBCO superconducting material, Dr. Xudong Wang studied the basic overcurrent characteristics at the short circuit accident when the power cable would be operated, and developed the computer simulator for the cable design from the electromagnetic, thermal and mechanical evaluations. Through the work funded by JSPS, Dr. Xudong Wang built the 3 dimensional analysis model and studied the stress and strain in the high temperature superconducting coil in order to develop the superconducting magnet system for the next generation accelerator of medical use. Dr. Wang received this award for his excellent works above.
From April 2014, he was appointed as an assistant professor at the KEK accelerator laboratory, and now contributes to the construction of the superconducting magnet system for SuperKEKB.


- Author : Accelerator Division IIII, Norihito Ohuchi -

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