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Accl. Lab. Topics 2016/1/19

TPS achieved the beam intensity of 520mA at NSRRC in Taiwan

The commissioning of TPS took a smooth ride ramping from 0 to 520 mA in 11 minutes on December 12. .... Thanks to the high performance of SRF system, the stored current is able to increase 100 times and exceeds the design goal in less than one year.....

(from NSRRC home page)

TPS (Taiwan Photon Source), a third generation light source accelerator at NSRRC (National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center), successfully achieved the beam intensity of 520 mA using a superconducting (SC) RF system of two KEKB-type SC-damped-cavities. The cavity has been developed under the close collaboration between the RF teams of KEK and NSRRC since 2010. This collaboration will be continued sharing the operation experience of both SuperKEKB and TPS, in order to establish the stable operation condition of SC-RF under the heavy beam loading.

Detailed will be shown on the web of NSRRC.

Taiwan Photon Source Exceeds the Design Goal of 500 mA Stored Current

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- Author : Accelerator Division III, Takaaki Furuya -

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