The France-Japan Particle Physics Laboratory (FJPPL) was established in 2006 by KEK, in Japan, and IN2P3/CNRS and IRFU/CEA, in France. The primary purpose of the Virtual Laboratory was to promote the Japan-France collaboration in the field of accelerator-related physics.

In 2010, the name of the Lab was changed to Toshiko Yuasa Laboratory (TYL), which is named after the first Japanese woman physicist, Toshiko Yuasa, who was a researcher at CNRS. In memory of this pioneering Japanese woman physicist, TYL initiated new programs to promote women in science in Japan.

The TYL Science Camp for Female High School Students is a joint program of TYL and the KEK Gender Equality Office. About 30 students from all over Japan travel to KEK to attend. Activities include:

1) A small experiment to enhance communication among students.
2) A discussion session with women in graduate school.
3) Lectures on selected science topics.
4) KEK lab tour.

The aim of the camp is to encourage their interests in the field of Science with introductory lectures on the most advanced science results, or casual talks by graduate students majoring in Science and Engineering at universities. The discussion session and the lectures are designed to be a good opportunity for the students to learn about prospects on their career path in the fields of science and engineering.

The 12th TYL camp is scheduled for April 3-4, 2023 at KEK. Details on the activities in 2012 - 2022 can be found here in Japanese.