List of Experimental Stations

Last Modified:2018/1/11

See below for abbreviations for LS (light source) and Org. (organization)

Stations with asterisk (*) are under construction and/or commissioning

BL LS Org. Station Energy BL staff
BL-1 [N.Matsugaki]
BL-1A SGU Macromolecular crystallography 0.95-1.1, 2.7-3.3 Å N.Matsugaki
BL-2 [H.Kumigashira]
BL-2A* U Multiple Undulator beamline for spectroscopic analysis of surface and heterointerface 30-2000 eV H.Kumigashira
BL-2B* U Photoelectron spectroscopy station for advanced functional materials 30-4000 eV H.Kumigashira
BL-3 [H.Nakao]
BL-3A SGU X-ray diffraction experiment station for material structural science 4-14 keV H.Nakao
BL-3B BM UG VUV and soft X-ray spectroscopy 10-280 eV K.Mase/K.Edamoto (Rikkyo Univ.), J.Yoshinobu (Univ. Tokyo)
BL-3C BM Characterization of X-ray optical elements/White X-ray magnetic diffraction 4-20 keV, white K.Hirano
BL-4 [H.Nakao]
BL-4A BM UG Trace element analysis/X-ray microbeam station 4-20 keV Y.Niwa/Y.Takahashi (Univ. Tokyo)
BL-4B2 BM UG Powder diffraction 6-20 keV H.Nakao/H. Uekusa(TIT)
BL-4C BM X-ray diffraction experiment station for material structural science 6-21 keV H.Nakao
BL-5 [N.Matsugaki]
BL-5A MPW Macromolecular crystallography 0.75-1.9 Å N.Matsugaki
BL-6 [N.Igarashi]
BL-6A BM Small-angle X-ray Scattering 8.3 keV N.Igarashi
BL-6C BM UG X-ray diffraction and scattering 7-18 keV H.Kawata/M. Okube(Tohoku Univ.)
BL-7 [K.Amemiya/J.Okabayashi (Univ. Tokyo)]
RCS, Univ. Tokyo
BM EX Soft X-ray Spectroscopy 100-1500 eV K.Amemiya/J.Okabayashi (Univ. Tokyo)
BL-7C BM Versatile hard X-ray experimental station 4-20 keV H.Sugiyama
BL-8 [H.Sagayama]
BL-8A BM Weissenberg Camera for Powder/Single-crystal measurements under Extreme Conditions 6-21 keV H.Sagayama
BL-8B BM Weissenberg Camera for Powder/Single-crystal measurements under Extreme Conditions 6-21 keV H.Sagayama
BL-9 [H.Abe]
BL-9A BM High-intensity and low-energy XAFS 2.2-15 keV H.Abe
BL-9C BM in-situ XAFS 4-23 keV H.Abe
BL-10 [N.Shimizu]
BL-10A BM UG X-ray diffraction/scattering 5-25 keV R.Kumai/A.Yoshiasa (Kumamoto Univ.)
BL-10C BM Small-angle X-ray Scattering 4-10 keV N.Shimizu
BL-11 [Y.Kitajima]
BL-11A BM Soft X-ray spectroscopy 70-1900 eV Y.Kitajima
BL-11B BM Soft X-ray spectroscopy 1724-5000 eV Y.Kitajima
BL-11D BM Characterization of optical elements used in the VSX region 60-900 eV K.Mase
BL-12 [H.Nitani]
BL-12C BM High-throughput XAFS 6-23 keV H.Nitani
BL-13 [K.Mase]
BL-13A/B U Vacuum Ultraviolet and Soft X-Ray Spectroscopy Station for Surface Chemistry 50-2000 eV K.Mase
BL-14 [S.Kishimoto]
BL-14A VW Single Crystal Structure Analysis, Detector Development 5.1-82.7 keV S.Kishimoto
BL-14B VW High-precision X-ray optics 10-60 keV K.Hirano
BL-14C VW X-ray imaging and multi-purpose experiments 8-90 keV K.Hyodo
BL-15 [N.Ikagarashi]
BL-15A1 SGU Micro-beam XAFS 2.1-15 keV H.Nitani
BL-15A2 SGU High-brilliance Small-angle X-ray Scattering 2.1-15 keV N.Shimizu
BL-16 [K.Amemiya]
BL-16A U Variable Polarization Soft X-ray spectroscopy Station 180-1500 eV K.Amemiya
BL-17 [Y.Yamada]
BL-17A SGU Macromolecular Crystallography 0.9-2.1 Å Y.Yamada
BL-18 [R.Kumai]
SINP, India
BM EX Multipurpose monochromatic hard X-ray station 7-20 keV R.Kumai/
BL-18C BM UG High pressure X-ray powder diffraction(DAC) 6-25 keV N. Funamori/H. Kagi(Univ. of Tokyo)
BL-20 [J.Adachi]
BL-20A BM Univ VUV Spectroscopy 5-40 eV J.Adachi/N.Kouchi (TIT)
BL-20B BM White & Monochromatic X-ray Topography and X-ray Diffraction Experiment Station 5-25 keV, white H.Sugiyama
BL-27 [N.Usami]
BL-27A BM Radiation biology, soft X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy for radioactive samples 1800-4000 eV N.Usami
BL-27B BM Radiation biology, XAFS for radioactive samples 4-20 keV N.Usami
BL-28 [K.Ono]
BL-28A/B U Variable polarization VUV·SX varied-line spacing plane grating monochromator 30-300 eV K.Ono
AR-NE1 [N.Funamori]
AR-NE1A EMPW X-Ray Diffraction and Mössbauer Spectroscopy Experiments at High Pressure 6-50 keV N.Funamori
AR-NE3 [Y.Yamada]
AR-NE3A U X-ray Beamline for High-throughput Macromolecular Crystallography 0.7-1.9 Å Y.Yamada
AR-NE5 [N.Funamori]
AR-NE5C BM High-pressure and high-temperature X-ray diffraction (MAX-80) 30-100 keV, white N.Funamori
AR-NE7 [K.Hyodo]
AR-NE7A BM X-ray imaging and X-Ray Diffraction Experiments at High Pressure 25-55 keV, white K.Hyodo
AR-NW2 [Y.Niwa]
AR-NW2A U Time-resolved XAFS and XRD 5-25 keV, white Y.Niwa
AR-NW10 [H.Nitani]
AR-NW10A BM High-energy XAFS 8-42 keV H.Nitani
AR-NW12 [M. Hikita]
AR-NW12A U Macromolecular crystallography 0.7-1.9 Å M. Hikita
AR-NW14 [S.Nozawa]
AR-NW14A U A Time-resolved Diffraction/Scattering Beamline 5-25 keV S.Nozawa
Slow Positron Facility [T.Hyodo]
SPF-A3 SP Total reflection high-energy positron diffraction (TRHEPD) T.Hyodo
SPF-B1 SP Positronium negative ion (Ps-)station T.Hyodo
SPF-B2 SP Positronium time-of-flight (Ps-TOF) T.Hyodo

Abbreviations for lightsources

  • BM : Bending Magnet
  • U : Undulator
  • SGU : Short Gap Undulator
  • (E)MPW : (Elliptical) Multipole Wiggler
  • VW : Vertical Wiggler
  • SP : Slow Positron

Abbreviations for organization

  • EX : Operated by external institute / Partially opened for general users
  • UG : Operated by user group / Opened for general users
  • Univ : Experimental stations for graduate courses education / Opened for general users