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Accl. Lab. Topics 2014/12/9

Prof. Yong Ho Chin received the 2015 APS Outstanding Referee Award

Prof. Yong Ho Chin of KEK Accelerator Laboratory was selected as an Outstanding Referee of 2015 for the Physical Review and Physical Review Letters journals published by American Physical Society (APS). This program has started in 2008 to recognize outstanding referees who are helpful to advance and diffuse the knowledge of physics, while creating a resource for the physics community in the APS journals. About 150 scientists are selected in each year among more than world-wide 52,000 referees. The total number of recipients are about 1,600 since 2008, and among 30 are from Japan. At KEK Accelerator Laboratory, Profs. Kazuhito Ohmi (2008), Kaoru Yokoya (2009), and Katsunobu Oide (2014) have been awarded in the past.

Prof. Yong Ho Chin

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