Materials Structure Science Program, SOKENDAI

Message from the Director

The Materials Structure Science Program is based at the Institute of Materials Structure Science (IMSS), High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK), where cutting-edge scientific research is conducted using quantum beams such as synchrotron radiation, neutrons, muons, and slow positrons obtained from large accelerators. In this context, the institute fosters researchers who will lead sciences and technologies on the structure and function of materials in a wide range of research fields, including physics and chemistry, nanotechnology, life science, medical applications, environmental science, and earth science.

The IMSS has experimental facilities in Tsukuba and Tokai. The Tsukuba campus has the Photon Factory (PF/PF-AR) and the Slow Positron Facility (SPF), and Structural Biology Research Center (SBRC) also has access to cryo-TEM. The Materials and Life Science Experimental Facility (MLF) in J-PARC is located at the Tokai campus, where neutrons and muons are used for characterization of materials. In the Materials Structure Science Program, we are conducting research and education to elucidate the structure and function of materials by using these facilities and instruments, as well as developing instruments for advanced research using these quantum beams. We are also conducting research using information science approaches such as remote experiment techniques, fully automated measurement analysis, and machine learning.

The Materials Structure Science Program will foster human resources who can pioneer the next generation of science by understanding and highly utilizing the fundamentals of these quantum beams, taking advantage of our large-scale facilities. We also cultivate interdisciplinary perspectives through exchanges with faculty members and students in other courses at KEK and with researchers in different fields of expertise, such as cooperative users. In addition, through an international exchange program, we aim to nurture human resources who can play an active role on the international stage. Through these efforts, graduates of the program are expected to become not only core researchers at domestic or overseas quantum beam facilities, but also power users who promote research using quantum beams.

SETO, Hideki

Director of Materials Structure Science Program, SOKENDAI
Professor, The Institute of Materials Structure Science, High energy Acclerator Reseach Organization (KEK)
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