Materials Structure Science Program, SOKENDAI

Merits of our program

  1. Unique environment for research and education with state-of-the-art research facilities.
  2. Thorough instruction by High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK) staff members on a wide range of research fields.
  3. Many young and energetic postdoctoral fellows and researchers.
  4. Active international exchange program with foreign researchers.
  5. Activities such as seminars and literature presentations.
  6. Expert graduates from the program to lead the next generation.

The Graduate University for Advanced Studies (SOKENDAI) was founded in 1988 as a national university (it is currently a national university corporation) comprising only graduate schools. Each program is associated directly with a base research institute. Our school’s goal is to nurture researchers who can initiate and manage new academic research lines and have wide-ranging interests and creativity. This provides many merits that distinguish this graduate school from those in regular universities.

In the Materials Structure Science Program, the most advanced scientific research is conducted using synchrotron radiation, neutron, muon, slow positron, and positron quantum beams generated by state-of-the-art accelerators. This fundamental and cutting-edge research helps elucidate material structures and their functions in wide-ranging research fields such as physics, chemistry, nanotechnology, life science, medicine, environmental science, and geophysics. In addition, by advancing research to further enhance the functionality of the technology that produces and utilizes the quantum beams, we are contributing to the exploration of a new frontier in materials science.

Students in the doctoral program at the Graduate University for Advanced Studies (5-year course or a 3-year doctoral course) receive educational and research instruction at the site where leading research takes place; they are expected to become the leaders of future research.

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