Department of Materials Structure Science, SOKENDAI

Ultrafast Dynamics Working Group

We will pursue the possibility of short-pulse X-rays which is realized in the future light source, and are doing R&D aimed at establishing the technical platform of ultrafast dynamics experiments in femtoseconds. Towards achieving this purpose, we are promoting time-resolved experiments at PF and PF-AR and doing R&D using these experiences.

img01.png Group leader:ADACHI, Junichi


ADACHI, JunichiAssoc. Prof., Group LeaderAtomic and Molecular physics
YAMAMOTO, ShigeruProf. (KEK)Insertion devices
ADACHI, ShinichiProf.Time resolved experiment
AMEMIYA, KentaProf.Electronic structure
KISHIMOTO, ShunjiProf. (KEK)Detector
NAKAO, HironoriAssoc. Prof.Condensed matter
NOZAWA, ShunsukeAssoc. Prof.Time resolved experiment
NIWA, YasuhiroAssistant ProfessorXAFS
KOSUGE, TakashiSenior EngineerR&D for control system
TOYOSHIMA, AkioSenior EngineerVUV, Soft X-ray beamline
KIKUCHI, TakashiExpert EngineerVUV, Soft X-ray beamline
TANAKA, HirokazuEngineerVUV, Soft X-ray beamline
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