Materials Structure Science Program, SOKENDAI

Electronic structure

Using spectroscopic techniques using synchrotron radiation such as photoemission spectroscopy and X-ray absorption spectroscopy, we are studying the electronic structures of materials to reveal the origins of the properties of those materials and to design their functionalities. To conduct state-of-the-art research, we are developing high-performance beamlines and instruments with high brightness insertion devices at the Photon Factroy, the synchrotron radiation facility of the High Energy Accelerator Research Organization.

Major research projects

Extraordinary magnetism in magnetic metal thin films

Magnetic thin films controlled at the atomic level show properties that bulk magnetic materials do not show, such as perpendicular magnetic anisotropy and a giant magnetoresistance effect. They are studied not only as so-called spintronics materials, but also from the viewpoint of basic science. It is important to know the surface and interface states of a thin magnetic film. For example, a three-layer film comprising a ferromagnet, an insulator, and a ferromagnet has an extremely large tunnel magnetoresistance effect (i.e., the tunnel resistance varies depending on magnetization of the ferromagnets). Therefore, it can be used as the read head of a magnetic recording device, and also for nonvolatile high-speed rewritable magnetic memory, the uses of which are in the implementation stage. The performance of these devices varies depending on the chemical the magnetic states of the one-atom layer of the interface between the ferromagnet and the insulator. Our goal is to learn about the surfaces and the interfaces of thin magnetic films by developing a new method of analysis such as depth-resolved X-ray magnetic circular dichroism, and to control magnetism based on the information obtained.


NamePosition Beamlines in charge Fields
AMEMIYA, Kenta Professor BL-16A/B Soft X-ray spectroscopy, Surface magnetism
MASE, Kazuhiko Professor BL-13A/B Soft X-ray spectroscopy, Surface science
ONO, Kanta Professor (Cross Appointment/Osaka University)   Soft X-ray imaging/Magnetism
OHIGASHI, Takuji Assoc. Professor   X-ray optics
OZAWA, Kenichi Assoc. Professor   Surface science, Surface and interface electronic properties
KITAMURA, Miho Assistant Professor BL-2A/B, BL-28A/B Surface and interface properties

Beamlines in charge

BL-2A In-situ photoemission spectroscopy station for surfaces and interfaces of oxide superstructure

BL-2B Photoelectron spectroscopy station for advanced functional materials

BL-13A/B Vacuum Ultraviolet and Soft X-Ray Spectroscopy Station for Surface Chemistry

BL-16A Variable Polarization Soft X-ray spectroscopy Station

BL-28A/B Variable polarization VUV·SX varied-line spacing plane grating monochromator

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