IINAS(Inter-Institution Network for Accelerator Science) program is a fund from MEXT for 4 years, until JFY2021, carried out by KEK,and cooperates with universities and other accelerator organizations.
We encourage the development of global human resources for accelerator science, and also enhance and accelerate the performance of all accelerators with our projects.
From JFY2022, new project (IINAS-NX) is carrying out the mission.

Implmentation Project

  • Supporting International Schools (Work shop) for "Accelerator science"
  • Supporting Exchange programs for young researchers
  • Construction of an Accelerator for Education use
  • Seminars and Internship programs for researchers and research support staff
  • Sponsoring Accelerator Collaboration Council

Accelerator science” is defined as a broad area Science with accelerators: HEP, NP, material, life,…/R&D of accelerator and related technologies/Applications in industry, security, and health.

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