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  はんこ /印鑑

はんこ/印 鑑 (銀行印・実印・認め印)
 Hanko/Inkan(Seal) - "Ginko-in","Jitu-in","Mitome-in"

 印鑑について Regarding Inkans

 ■はんこ/印鑑には 銀行印、実印、認印の3種類あります。
  Personal inkans (seal) are used like a signature in Japan. There are three kinds of the personal hankos,
  Registered hankos, Bank hankos and Unregistered (informal) hankos.

  When you open your bank account, you need your hanko which is called “Ginko-in” or signature (only
  for people who have a job). We recommend buying a hanko or having a hanko made.
  Kanji, katakana or Roman alphabet are acceptable. A registered Japanese alias (popular-name) is okay.

 2)実印とは市区町村役場に登録した印鑑で 車の売買などの時に使うもので大切な印鑑です。
 The registered hanko is called ”Jitsu-in”.
 You have to registeret it at the City Office and it is used for serious contractual matters things such as the
 purchase of the car, etc. This is often the largest (about the diameter of your thumb: 12mm to 18mm)
 hanko. It is an important one.

 3)認印は、宅配便の受取りなどいろんな場面で日常使用します。 はんこ屋さんで購入できます。
   The Hanko for casual informal affairs is called “Mitome-in”(Unregistered Inkan)
   Unregistered hankos are often used for things like signing for packages, etc.

 はんこを買う/作る  How to get a Hanko/ get a Hanko made

 つくば市内では、・はんこや平安堂(つくばデイズタウン内、Tel:855-0077, Open:10:00A.M-8:00P.M))
         ・はん印刷のOTANI (iiasu内、Tel:855-5692, Open:10:00A.M-10:00P.M)
         ・印晶堂(天久保3-13-3 ,Tel:029-854-0997, Open:10:00A.M-7:00P.M)
          ※ 銀行印の場合、カタカナ5文字迄で2,808円、1文字増えるごとに216円プラスされます。
         ・ホーマック(Tel:864-7501, Open:9:30A.M-8:00P.M)
          ※ 銀行印の場合:3,200円+税金から
          ※ 実印の場合:13.5mmで8,000円+税金~、15mmで8,500円+税金~

 You will be able to purchase it or have a Hanko made at Hanko shop “Hanko-ya”.
 You may make a Hanko with Phonetic equivalent of Kanji (a Chinese character used as a phonetic
 symbol rather than for its meaning or an arbitrarily used substitute character), Katakana and Roman
 character for "Bank-in" and "Mitome-in". However, the registered inkan "Jitsu-in" a same as your legal
 name registered at the City office.
 You can purchase a Hanko as below (in Tsukuba);
  ・100-yen shop (You can buy a inkan for Bank-in and a Mitome-in(Unregistered Inkan) )
  ・Homac (near Kasumi,Tel:864-7501, Open:9:30A.M-8:00P.M),
  ・Hankoya-heian-do(Inside of the Dayz Town Tsukuba shopping-mall, Tel:855-0077,
  ・Otani (inside of the iias shopping-mall, Tel:855-5692, Open:10:00A.M-10:00P.M) and
  ・Inshou-do (3-13-3 Amakubo,Tel:029-854-0997, Open:) in Tsukuba.
  ・On the Internet : (in Japanese)

 印鑑登録までの手順  Procedure of Inkan registration

 1.登録できる印鑑 Which inkan is posible to registre as “Jitsu-in”

   1) 実印の大きさは、押したときの跡が8mmより大きく、25mmより小さいもの。(材質、大きさ、文字数で印鑑
    A trace size of the registered inkan is bigger than 8mm and smaller than 25mm.
    (Prices are different with the materials of the inkan, size, number of the letters)
   2) 印鑑の素材は、木、角、牙、金属や樹脂製のもので、プラスチックやゴム印など材質が変形するものは、認め
      Material of Jitsu-in is permitted made from woods, horns, tusks, metals, and made of resin. Not
    permitted plastics and rubber, because those are change the shape.

   3) 本人の氏名を表しているもの。 It is express the name of the person.

   4) 漢字、カタカナもしくはアルファベットで作成、但し、市役所で通称名登録をした(する)氏名です。
    The name on it will have to be the same as your legal name registered at the City office.
    If you are non-Japanese, this will be either your alphabetic passport name or it will be your
    registered Japanese alias.  Accept katakana or the alphabet
       ・The full alphabetic passport name — family name followed by given name is okay
       ・An initialized(頭文字kashiramoji) name and a full name combination is okay

   例えば Example :
   George Timothy Clooney さんの場合(住民票上の名前です Registered name at the City office)
     ・カタカナ表記 Katakana-write :「ジョージ ティモシー クルーニー」
     ・ 登録が出来る文字 You can registration form ①ー⑩
      ①George Timothy Clooney、②George Clooney、③Clooney、④George、⑤Timothy.
      ⑥ジョージ ティモシー クルーニー, ⑦ジョージ クルーニー, ⑧ジョージ, ⑨ティモシー, ⑩クルーニー
       You cannot use the kanji of phonetic equivalent for Japanese alias.

 2. 登録に必要なもの  Necessary things for registration.

  1)登録する印鑑        Inkan which you have registered
  2)在留カード(本人確認書類) Resident Card
  3)手数料 200円       Fee is 200yen (Tsukuba city)

 3. 申請後「印鑑登録証」が交付され 手続きは完了です。    
  You receive a personal seal registration card “Inkan-toroku-shou”
  Completed the Inkan-registration.

   Updated : 2019-11-20