Safety Group

To keep safe in synchrotron radiation experiments at the Photon Factory, we perform various activities as follows;
1. development and maintenance of safety instruments,
2. safety patrol through the experimental halls,
3. check of safety measures for user experiments with a risk,
4. planning of web sites, leaflets and lectures for the safety of both the PF staff and users.

Group Leader: KITAJIMA, Yoshinori


KITAJIMA, YoshinoriAssociate Professor,Group LeaderSafety Supervisor, Chemical Safety
KOSUGE, TakashiSenior Engineer/Engineering Counselor,Sub Group LeaderRadiation Safety, Beamline Interlock System
KATO, RyuichiAssociate ProfessorGenetic Modification
IGARASHI, NoriyukiAssociate ProfessorPF Experimental Halls
SHIMIZU, NobutakaAssociate ProfessorHeating Devices
NOZAWA, ShunsukeAssociate ProfessorLasers, Fire & Disaster Prevention
MATSUGAKI, NaohiroAssociate ProfessorInformation Security
ADACHI, JunichiAssociate ProfessorToxic or Flammable Gases
SUGIYAMA, HiroshiAssistant ProfessorDark Room
NITANI, HiroakiAssistant ProfessorBeamline Interlock System
YAMADA, YusukeAssistant ProfessorOperation Coordinator, Crystallization Preparation Room
MOCHIZUKI, IzumiAssistant ProfessorSlow Positron Facility
KOYAMA, AtsushiSenior Engineer/Engineering CoordinatorPF Experimental Halls
TOYOSHIMA, AkioExpert Engineer/Engineering CounselorElectrical Safety
MORI, TakeharuExpert EngineerCryogen
UCHIDA, YoshinoriEngineerHigh-Pressure Gas Cylinders, PF Experimental Halls
KIKUCHI, TakashiEngineerCranes
SAITO, YuukiEngineerBeamline Interlock System, Information Security
TANAKA, HirokazuEngineerHeating Devices
NIWA, YasuhiroEngineerPF-AR Experimental Halls
MATSUOKA, AiAssociate EngineerFire & Disaster Prevention
ISHII, HarunoTechnical AssociateBeamline Interlock System
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