Dr. Min Yang received Isamu Abe Prize at the PCaPAC 2022 workshop

Dr. Min Yang in the KEK accelerator Laboratory was awarded the Isamu Abe Prize at the PCaPAC 2022 workshop in October 2022, hosted by ELI Beamlines Facility in Prague, Czech Republic. The prize is given to young engineers and scientists in the early stages of their career, who show innovative ideas or achievements in the field of accelerator controls.

Left: Min Yang at the front of Astronomical Clock, a landmark of Old Town Square in Prague.
Right: Certificate of merit of Isamu Abe Prize.

PCaPAC, Emerging Technologies and Scientific Facilities Controls (formerly Personal Computers and Particle Accelerator Controls), is a series of workshops with a focus on low-cost control system using PC technology and emerging technologies. The Isamu Abe prize is named in recognition of Isamu Abe from KEK, one of the co-founders of PCaPAC, who suddenly passed away in June 2002. In 2022, two persons among young contributors received the prize, and Min Yang was selected as one of two.

The oral presentation of Min Yang was titled “APPLICATIONS OF TIMING READ-BACK SYSTEM IN J-PARC MAIN RING”. She developed the timing read-back system for J-PARC Main Ring, which supervises the timing signals distributed by the accelerator timing system. She reported that the system operation started and it was used during the beam operation in June 2022.

Layout of timing read-back system for J-PARC Main Ring. It consists of three PLC-based EPICS IOC (Input Output Controller) implemented in three buildings (MR-D1, D2, and D3).

PCaPAC 2022 workshop site
Isamu Abe Prize (in PCaPAC 2022)
Min Yang, et.al., ”APPLICATIONS OF TIMING READ-BACK SYSTEM IN J-PARC MAIN RING”, PCaPAC 2022, Prague, Oct.2022 (kek.jp/j-parc.jp only)
 ※As soon as Proceedings of PCaPAC 2022 is released to the public, the link to the paper will be updated.