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Accl. Lab. Topics 2015/4/2

Prof. E. Forest of KEK publishes a new textbook for beam dynamics

Prof. E. Forest of KEK is publishing his new textbook "From Tracking Code to Analysis ---Generalised Courant-Snyder theory for realistic accelerator models—" for beam dynamics from Springer. The contents are shown in the page

http://www.takafumi.org/From_Tracking_Code_to_Analysis/ .

In the introduction above it says "This book covers orbital motion, radiation calculations, spin dynamics, magnet modulation, and the Guignard-Deprit algorithm―all in the context of analyzing realistic models of accelerators,” and a number of software examples can be also downloaded.

The theory presented in the book is comprehensive in two respects: first it covers a large collection of dynamical variables (orbital, spin, magnet modulation,...) and secondly it covers the full gamut of perturbative theories from one-turn maps all the way to the Hamiltonian. This is done in a way fully compatible with the model present in the tracking code provided it is equipped with a TPSA package and a set of analysis algorithms.

- Author : Accelerator Division IIII, Katsunobu Oide -

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