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Accl. Lab. Topics 2016/6/22

The 21st meeting of the KEKB Accelerator Review Committee was held

The 21st KEKB Accelerator Review Committee was held at Tsukuba campus from June 13 to 15. Present status of Phase 1 commissioning and status of preparation for Phase 2 and 3 were reported and discussed intensively. The committee members visited control room, ring tunnel, linac tunnel, dumping ring and QCS. Dr. F. Zimmermann (CERN) succeeded Dr. A. Hutton (JLAB) as chairman of the committee, and number of members was increased to 15 (5 was retired and 7 was newly appointed).

From the photograph of the right, Andrew Hutton (JLAB), Qing Qin (IHEP), Katsunobu Oide, Michael Sullivan (SLAC), Robert Rimmer (JLAB), Paolo Chiggiato (CERN), John Seeman (SLAC), Evgeny Perevedentsev (BINP), Catia Milardi (INFN), Frank Zimmermann, Chair (CERN), Ralph Assmann(DESY), Seiya Yamaguchi, Rogelio Tomas (CERN), Thomas Taylor (CERN), Kazunori Akai, Haruyo Koiso, Kazuro Furukawa, John Fox (SLAC), Gin Ishikawa

Agenda of the 21st KEKB Accelerator Review Committee

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〜 Author : Accelerator Director, Seiya Yamaguchi〜

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