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Accelerator Science Program of SOKENDAI provides education for graduate students in experimental and theoretical aspects of particle accelerators. This program is affiliated with the Accelerator Laboratory and the Applied Research Laboratory of the High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK) .High-energy particle accelerators are extremely powerful tools for exploring a wide range of building blocks and structures found in nature, from elementary particles and atomic nuclei to atoms, molecules, and even complex living organisms. In addition, beyond the field of natural science, applications of particle accelerators are being actively pursued in the fields of industry and medical science.In the Accelerator Science Program, students can conduct both theoretical and experimental research on the principles of accelerators and their related leading-edge technologies, and thereby endeavor to further advance natural science through the development of particle accelerators. Closely related subjects, such as radiation science, computer science, superconductivity engineering, and mechanical engineering can also be studied.


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