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Discovery of a new magnetic ordering phase in an iron-based superconducting material

27 Mar. 2014

Discovery of novel magnetism in the iridium compound CuIr2S4

28 Feb. 2014


Successful Determination of Silicene Structure Using Reflection High-Energy Positron Diffracion (RHEPD)

5 Dec. 2013

Successful development of a 500-m-long laser-based fiducial line for high precision alignment of long-distance linear accelerators

25 Oct. 2013

Mechanism of insulation degradation in ceramic capacitors due to hydrogen impurities

22 Jul. 2013

New results from T2K conclusively show muon neutrinos transform to electron neutrinos

19 Jul. 2013

Uncovering the origin of strain-induced magnetization in strongly correlated insulators

10 Jul. 2013

Observation of spin-orbital correlation in frustrated magnet of honeycomb-based copper oxide

3 Jul. 2013

Formation of an electron glass state

14 Jun. 2013

On the partial loss of Belle data

30 Apr. 2013

Suppressing Pressure Waves with Micro-Bubbles – The technology that helped realize the world’s most intense source of pulsed neutrons

23 Apr. 2013

Revealing the mechanism of photoinduced phase transition in a molecular solid, (EDO-TTF)2PF6

26 Mar. 2013

New magnetic state obtained by photoexcitation

7 Mar. 2013

Lattice Location Determination of Trace Nitrogen Dopants in Semiconductor Silicon Carbide (SiC)

26 Feb. 2013

Development of a purely organic single-component conductor in a metallic state

10 Jan. 2013


Discovery of ferroelectricity and antiferroelectricity in imidazoles, building blocks in biological system such as vitamin B12

27 Dec. 2012

Achievement of the world’s strongest pulsed muon beam

27 Nov. 2012

A New Technology for Semiconductor Film Production on Highly Liquid-repellent Surfaces
- High performance organic polymer transistors have been realized -

14 Nov. 2012

Discovery of the origin of high oxygen permeability in praseodymium nickel oxide-based materials New design concept of the interstitial ionic conductors by higher d10 dopant and Jahn-Teller effect

29 Ocr. 2012

KEK and Astellas begin collaborative research to discover new drugs for neglected tropical diseases

20 Sep. 2012

Visualizing a photosensitizer complex in action

17 Jul. 2012

Successful generation of a positronium beam that can be readily accelerated to over 1 keV

27 Jun. 2012

Successful High-Volume Production of Ultrahigh-Performance Magnetic Cores at J-PARC : Toward higher intensity acceleration as a sign of resurrection from the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011

8 Jun. 2012

World’s Highest-Performing Neutron Focusing Technology : A mirror that can intensify a neutron beam 50-fold

8 Jun. 2012

Structural basis for Arf6–MKLP1 complex formation on the Flemming body responsible for cytokinesis

1 Jun. 2012

Demonstration of “electronic ferroelectricity,” a new principle underlying electric polarization in an organic ferroelectric

1 Jun. 2012

Discovery of rare-earth metal monohydride with the NaCl-type structure

10 May. 2012

Twisting of protein molecules in water is successfully captured on molecular movie

26 Apr. 2012

New Executive Board Members Started A Three-Year Term at KEK

4 Apr. 2012

Observation of How an Organic Molecule Mimics Photosynthesis

6 Mar. 2012

Origin of large polarization in multiferroic YMnO3 thin films

15 Feb. 2012

Successful Development of the World’s Fastest Soft X-ray Absorption Spectroscopic Technique that Can Identify the Chemical Species and Quantities of Molecules Adsorbed on the Surface

27 Jan. 2012

Elucidation of Metal–Insulator Transition Mechanism in Ferromagnetic Hollandite

16 Jan. 2012

Belle Discovers New Heavy ‘Exotic Hadrons’

10 Jan. 2012


The mechanism that explains why our universe was born with 3 dimensions

22 Dec. 2011

Development of a Superionic Conductor Exhibiting the Highest Known Lithium-Ion Conductivity

13 Dec. 2011

First Observation of Metamorphosis of an Enzyme that Catalyzes Two Chemical Reactions

14 Nov. 2011

The candidate of KEK Director General for the next term

11 Nov. 2011

The First Elucidation of the Mechanism of Fault Slips That Do Not Cause Large Earthquakes

02 Nov. 2011

Quantum confinement of strongly correlated electrons in artificial oxide structures

28 Oct. 2011

Media invited to groundbreaking ceremony for SuperKEKB project

27 Oct. 2011

Lightsource Illuminates the Puzzle of Asteroid Itokawa

26 Aug. 2011

New measurements of Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) polarization pave the way for probing inflationary universe

24 Aug. 2011

To what extent can aerosols cool the Earth?

23 Aug. 2011

Manufacturing Technology for Single-crystal Thin Films of Organic Semiconductors Using an Inkjet Printing Technique

23 Aug. 2011

Long-time Mystery in Cobalt Oxides

02 Aug. 2011

Quantum fluctuation in Invar alloy with anomalously negligible thermal expansion

01 Aug. 2011

A key to interfacial conductivity revealed

21 Jul. 2011

Structural origin of 'hidden state' in manganite thin film revealed by picosecond time-resolved X-ray diffraction

12 Jul. 2011

J-PARC provides alternative research opportunities for MLF users

17 Jun. 2011

Indication of Electron Neutrino Appearance at the T2K Experiment

14 Jun. 2011

Photon Factory secures research opportunities for its users

13 May 2011

Call for Nomination for Next Director-General of KEK

10 May 2011

Director of Photon Factory reports the damages of the recent earthquake and its recovery prospects

28 Apr. 2011

The World's First Success in Photodetachment of Positronium Negative Ions

6 Apr. 2011



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