Neutron Instruments

BL Name of Instruments Status
01 4D Space Access Neutron Spectrometer in use
02 Biomolecular Dynamics Spectrometer under construction
03 IBARAKI Biological Crystal Diffractometer in use
04 Neutron-Neucleus Reaction Instrument in use
05 Neutron Optics and Fundamental Physics commissioning
08 Super High Resolution Powder Diffractometer in use
10 NeutrOn Beam-line for Observation & Research Use in use
11 High Pressure Neutron Diffractometer under construction
12 High Resolution Chopper Spectrometer commissioning
14 Cold-Neutron Disk-Chopper Spectrometer commissioning
15 Smaller-Angle Neutron Scattering Instrument under construction
16 High-Performance Neutron Reflectometer with a Horizontal Sample Geometry commissioning
19 Engineering Materials Diffractometer in use
20 IBARAKI Material Design Diffractometer in use
21 High Intensity Total Diffractometer commissioning
  Village of neutron resonance spin echo spectrometers  

Status of Proposed Instruments (now working)