Slow Positron Facility


Beam line and connection of the stations

The slow positron beam of this Facility is created at the target (converter/moderator) of the dedicated linac placed at the north end of the Test Hall on the basement floor of the Electron Linac Control Building, magnetically transferred along the beam line, and led into the experiment stations on the same hall. The beam line is also branched in midstream upward into the Klystron Gallery Experiment Hall upstairs and the beam is led into the stations there. The present arrangement of the stations is the result of a major rearrangement made in winter 2012. The beam line branches and the stations connected are listed below.

Test Hall

SPF-A3 --> TRHEPD (total-reflection high-energy positron diffraction) station

SPF-A4 --> LEPD (low-energy positron diffraction) station

Klystron Gallery Experiment Hall

SPF-B1 --> General Purpose Slow Positron Experiment station

SPF-B2 --> Ps-TOF (pisitronium time-of-flight) station