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The 3rd International Meeting for Large Neutrino Infrastructures took place at KEK on the 30th and 31st of May 2016. Nearly 80 physicists around the world participated.

They discussed and shared the progress that has been made since last meeting in terms of the development of the scientific and the organizational aspects of the worldwide collaboration in large neutrino infrastractures for next generation.

This is the third international meeting that follows the meetings took place in Fermilab in 2015, during which several agencies and laboratory directors issued a joint press release declaring that the elucidation of the neutrino sector is a worldwide priority that justifies the coherent distribution of tasks and infrastructures across the world.

The meeting was organized by KEK, ICRR, Fermilab, the Astroparticle Physics European Consortium (APPEC), the ICFA Neutrino Panel, the IUPAP Astroparticle Physics International Committee (APPIC) and several worldwide funding agencies, and chaired by Prof. Takaaki Kajita

At the beginning of the first day, Prof. Kajita addressed the backgrounds and goals of this meeting, then the accelerator-based programme was discussed, mainly on two big projects, Hyper Kamiokande and DUNE, planned in Japan and U.S. respectively.

“With Hyper Kamiokande, we expect a discovery of the origin of matters in the Universe,” says Prof. Kajita, “Physicists around the world, including myself, are all excited to see what will come out !”

The second day of the meeting was devoted to the examination of the non-accelerator physics potential of the various large neutrino infrastructures and started the discussion of closer coordination in this domain.

Throughout the entire period, physicists discussed sprightly on how to realize these large neutrino infrastructures. The meeting was closed proposing to hold the next meeting in Europe in 2017.

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