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# Usage of Cranes and Special Automobile
Users may use forklift, electric car, and special vehicles to transport equipments onsite. You have to apply for permission to use them. Application may be sent to business offices of each section. For any questions, ask your section business office personnel. Operating any of them required you to have a valid drivers license for automobiles. Operating a crane in any lavoratory requires special license. A person who has a crane operator license should apply for the permission to use the crane. Application form for them can be down loaded "Application for Using Crane and Special Automobile" (PDF 233KB) form to the office of handling your visit in advance. After obtaining a permission, only the applicant himself may use the vehicle.

"Application for Using Crane and Special Automobile" is a PDF file.
Please fill in the necessary items, and submit the application consisting of four copies.
The completed application cannot be saved by the free Acrobat Reader (R).
To save it, use commercially available Adobe(R) 5.0, Acrobat(R) 5.0.

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