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BL-17A: Protein Micro-Crystallography and Low-Energy SAD Experiment Beamline
BL-17A is a new beam line for protein crystallographic experiments at the Photon Factory. The high brilliance beam derived from the new short-gap undulator, SGU#17 offers unique possibilities for protein crystallographic experiments at the Photon Factory including micro-crystal structure analysis and structure determination using softer Xrays. The extremely small beam size of the short-gap undulator source, together with advances in X-ray optics, allows outstanding performance at modest cost even with 2nd generation synchrotron facility.
The main optical elements are the double crystal monochromator and the K-B mirror system for fine focusing. The monochromator consists of flat Si(111) crystals which are cooled with liquid nitrogen. The K-B mirror system after the monochromator focuses the synchrotron beam on the sample position. It consists of a flat-bent mirror for vertical focusing and an elliptical-bent mirror for horizontal focusing which is achieved by the gArm Methodh mirror bender. The BL-17A delivered the first beam in October, 2005. After beam diagnostics, alignment and installation of experimental apparatus, the beam line was opened for public users in 2006.
We swapped the X-ray CCD detector between BL-5A and BL-17A. Currently BL-17A is equipped with a wide active area detector, ADSC Quantum 315r.
Area of Research
Macromolecular crystallography
Light Source
Short Gap Undulator
Periodic length : 16 mm
Periodic Number : 29
Maximum K value : 1.27
Mono-chromator 17.5 m Numerical link type Si(111) double crystal monochromator, liquid nitrogen cooling
Vertical Focusing Mirror 22.22 m Rhodium coated silicon single crystal (Flat shaped, 1000 mm (L) x 100 mm (W) x 50 mm (T) ) with 4.0 mrad glancing angle.
Horizontal Focusing Mirror 29.5 m Rhodium coated silicon single crystal (Flat shaped, 1000 mm (L) x 100 mm (W) x 40 mm (T) ) with 4.0 mrad glancing angle.
Photons at Sample Position
(at 2.5 GeV operation)
Energy range : 0.9 - 2.1 Å
Energy resolution : 2 x 10-4
Photon flux : 6.6 x 109, 400 mA, 1.0 Å
1.3 x 1010, 400 mA, 2.0 Å
(0.02x0.02 mm slit)
Facilities in the Experimental Station
Detector : ADSC Quantum 270
Detector size : 270 x 270 mm
Camera distance : 50 - 600 mm
Vertical offset : 0 - 150 mm
Cryocooling device : nitrogen gas flow around 95K
Fluorescence detector : Si-PIN photodiode
Workstation and Softwares
 4 PC Workstations (Linux, CentOS6)
 2 PC Windows (USB2.0, IEEE1394) Softwares for image processing
 HKL2000, DPS/Mosflm/Scala, XDS
N. Igarashi, N. Matsugaki, Y. Yamada, M. Hiraki, A. Koyama, K. Hirano, T. Miyoshi and S. Wakatsuki, AIP Conf. Proc., 879, 812-815 (2007)
N. Igarashi, K. Ikuta, T. Miyoshi, N. Matsugaki, Y. Yamada, MS. Yousef and S. Wakatsuki, J. Synch. Rad., 15, 292-295 (2008)
Contact Person
Yusuke Yamada (KEK-PF)
Phone : +81-29i-864-5200 ext. 4738
Fax : +81-29-864-2801
e-mail :

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