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6 Hot Spring (Onsen)


 An onsen is a term for hot springs in the Japanese language, though the term is often used to describe
 the bathing facilities and inns around the hot springs. As a volcanically active country, Japan has
 thousands of onsen scattered along its length and breadth. Onsen were traditionally used as public
 bathing places and today play a central role in directing Japanese domestic tourism.

 Onsen come in many types and shapes, including outdoor, rotenburo or notenburo) and indoor baths.
 Baths may be either public run by a municipality or private (uchiyu) often run as part of a hotel, ryokan
 or Bed and Breakfast (minshuku) .
 by Wikipedia Web page 

 How to take a bath


 midori_pin How to take a bath (by ya

 midori_pin How to enjoy Hot spring ! ( ya


 Onsen in Kanto

 Mt. Tsukuba  Some Ryokan/Hotel can use spa without overnight stay.
 Web sites are only Japanese.
 maru Tsukuba Edoya ya(A day spa is 1,000yen)
 maru Tsukuba Aokiya ya 
 maru Tsukuba Grand Hotel ya
 maru Sayaka-no-yado Ichibo ya
 maru Tsukuba YuA day spa is 1,100yen) ya
 maru Tsukuba Onsen Hotel ( A day spa is 1,000yen) ya 
 maru Tsukubasan Keisei Hotel (A day spa is 1,000yen) ya

 Access: Mar-May and Sep.-Nov.
pdf、Jun-Aug and Dec-Febpdf
 Ibaraki  Please visit Ibaraki Nave website (Click Hereya)

 Hakone ya

 Tozan bus Route

 Access in Hakone

 Please visit the website of Hakome Zenzan. This website have accommodation, 
 shightseeing sopt and other informations.<Click hereya>
 There are five differents Transportation in Hakone, Hakone Tozan Train, Tozan
 Bus, Cable car, Ropeway and sightseeing boat. PDFpdf

 We recommended some sightseeing spots.
 maru Owakudani ya 
 Access:Odakyu Hakone-yumoto Sta.→<Hakone Tozan Densha 40min>→Gora Sta.  
 →<Cable car>→Sozan Sta.→<Ropeway>→Owakudani
 maru Ashinoko Lake (Sightseeing Boat) ya
 Access: Owakudani Sta.<Ropeway>→Togendai port→<Sightseeing Boat>→Moto 
 Hakone Port or Hakone-machi Port.
 maru Hakone Garasunomori Museum (Venetian Gkass Museum)ya
 Access: Take the Hakone Tozan bus bound for Togendaiya at Odakyu Line Hakone
 Yumoto Sta. and get off at Hyoseki/Hakone Glass no Mori Mae.

 Information for Onsen of Hakone<Click hereya>

 Access to Hakone: please see PDFpdf

 Nikko ya

 Bus Route Mapya
 Please visit the web-site of Nikko Kinugawa Travel Guide. This web-site have
 Onsen, accommodation, shightseeing sopt and other informations.<Click hereya>
 Access: please see PDFpdf     <Map ya>

 We recommended some sightseeing spots.
 maru Nikko To-sho-ghu ya 
 Access: Take the bus "Sekai-isan bus "World Heritage Bus" at bus stop 2C in front
     fo Tobu Nikko Station, and get off at Omote-sando"or "Daiyuuin.Futarasan-
 maru Kegon falls ya
 Access: Take the bus bound for "Yumoto Onsen (via Chuzenji Onsen)” at bus stop
     2A/2C in front fo Tobu Nikko Station, and get off at Kegonno-taki-iriguchi.
 maru Chuzenji-ko (Lake) ya
 maru Chuzenji Onsen 
 Access: Take the bus bound for "Yumoto Onsen (via Chuzenji Onsen)” at bus stop
     2A/2C in front fo Tobu Nikko Station, and get off at Chuzenji-onsen. 
 maru Yumoto Onsenya
 Access: Take the bus bound for "Yumoto Onsen (via Chuzenji Onsen)” at bus stop
     2A/2C in front fo Tobu Nikko Station, and get off at Yumoto Onsen.


 Limited Express

 There are sightseeing spots in Kinugawa-onsen 
 maru Tobu-world-square ya Bus Timetableya
 Access:Take the bus bound for "Tobu-world-square” in front fo Tobu-tetsudo
      Kinugawa-onsen Station.
 maru Edo wonderland Nikko Edomura ya
 Access:Take the bus bound for "Edo wonderland Nikko Edomura” in front fo 
      Tobu-tetsudo Kinugawa-onsen Station (Bus stop Number 3)
 maru Trick Art Pia-Nikko ya
 Access:Loop bus runing from Tobu Kinugawa onsen Sta.
      (Timetable:March 20-November 30 December 1- March 19)

 Kinugawa Hot Spring is one of Japan's famoust spa resorts, boasting an abundant 
 supply of hot spring water. 2.5 hours drive from KEK. 

 Access to Kinugawa Onsen: please see PDFpdf


  From Tokyoya
  To Tokyoya
 Access :1) Tsukuba Sta.→<TX>→Akihabara Sta.→<Yamanote Line> →
      →Tokyo Sta.→<Hokuriku Shinkansen 1.1h>→Karuizawa Sta.→
      →< Bus 55min-80min.>→Kusatsu Onsen
      ※ Timetable bitween Tokyo and Kusatsu Onsen<Click hereya>

     2) Tsukuba Sta.→<TX>→Akihabara Sta.→<Yamanote Line> →Tokyo
      Sta.→< Highway Bus 3.5h (Timetable)>→Kusatu Bus terminal

 Regerding the loop bus Map and timetable in Kusatsu Onsen<Click hereya>

 Links (Places)

 shikaku=orenge Japan National Tourist Organization (JNTO) : ya
 shikaku=orenge in Ibaraki : ya  
 shikaku=orenge Kanto : http://www.secret- ya

 updated: 2018-03-02