Experimental Facilities

Photon Factory ( PF )

The Photon Factory has two light source accelerators. The PF ring (2.5 GeV) has been operated since 1982. This is the first dedicated synchrotron light source in Japan, which supply X-rays. Several improvements of accelerator have been made and resulted in high-brilliant light source. The PF-AR (advanced ring) is a unique light source, that is, high-intensity pulsed synchrotron source which is effective for time resolved experiments. There are 50 experimental stations at PF and PF-AR.

Photon Factory


Materials and Life Science Experimental Facility ( MLF )

This research facility utilizes neutrons and muons generated by a high-intensity proton beam. IMSS has six neutron instruments and a muon spectrometer with the world's highest-intensity pulsed muon beam, which are provided for use by academia and the industry.


KENS | Neutron Science Division

Muon Science Laboratory


Slow Positron Facility

This is a facility to research the structure and functionality of materials using the slow positron beam generated by an electron beam from a linear accelerator (linac).

Slow Positron Facility


Compact Energy Recovery Linac

The energy recovery linac (ERL) at KEK is highly expected as a next-generation light source accelerator. It will provide a high brilliance and short pulse X-ray that exceeds current radiation sources. A prototype machine, the compact ERL, is in the process of construction collaborating with researchers from Japan and overseas. The commissioning is scheduled to start in the end of the fiscal year 2012.

ERL Project Office (Japanese Page)