Experimental Facilities

Photon Factory ( PF )

The Photon Factory has two light source accelerators. The PF ring (2.5 GeV) has been operated since 1982. This is the first dedicated synchrotron light source in Japan, which supply X-rays. Several improvements of accelerator have been made and resulted in high-brilliant light source. The PF-AR (advanced ring) is a unique light source, that is, high-intensity pulsed synchrotron source which is effective for time resolved experiments. There are 50 experimental stations at PF and PF-AR.

Photon Factory


Materials and Life Science Experimental Facility ( MLF )

This research facility utilizes neutrons and muons generated by a high-intensity proton beam. IMSS has six neutron instruments and a muon spectrometer with the world's highest-intensity pulsed muon beam, which are provided for use by academia and the industry.


KENS | Neutron Science Division

Muon Science Laboratory


Slow Positron Facility

This is a facility to research the structure and functionality of materials using the slow positron beam generated by an electron beam from a linear accelerator (linac).

Slow Positron Facility