Research Centers

IMSS has divisions for each research methodology and comprehensive research groups, that is, the Structural Biology Research Center, the Condensed Matter Research Center and the IMSS Detector System Development Team.

Structual Biology Research Center

This center promotes research and development of not only molecular and cell biology but also the field of structural biology that includes development of devices for analysis. Other activities include development of technology to increase the efficiency of research. Examples are crystallization of proteins, which is necessary for the structural analysis of proteins; development of robots to exchange samples; and collaboration servers and software for integration.


Condensed Matter Research Center

This center promotes research projects in fields important to materials science such as strongly correlated matter, surfaces and interfaces, soft matter, and materials in extreme environments through collaboration of researchers from inside and outside Japan. They explore new research areas across these fields.


Instrument R&D Team

This team was established in April 2010 to coordinate and to promote detection technology research. They also function is to serve as an interface between many detector development teams inside and outside KEK and to always pursue the leading edge in detector technology.

Instrument R&D Team's Page