Present status of the PF / PF-AR

Present status of the 2.5-GeV Photon Factory (PF) storage ring and 6.5-GeV PF Advanced Ring (PF-AR) are available.

Current status of PF/PF-AR


â– Latest stauts (updated:Nov. 9th, 2018)

PF and PF-AR operate in Top-up injection mode.

â– Notice

  • Linac carries out a machine study on every Wednesday. During this study, the top-up injection is stopped, and there are three injections. (9:00,17:00 and 1:00)
  • Linac carries out a machine maintenance in daytime every second Thursday. During this maintenance, the top-up injection is stopped.
  • During the hybrid mode operation of PF (12/7~19), There are no stop of top-up injection described above.
  • Injections to PF and AR are performed simultaneously. When a beam dump or life time drop is occurred, re-injection is performed. If re-injection is performed at less than 2 hours before an ordinal injection, the ordinal injection is skipped.