Photon Factory


Surface Science Section

We, surface science section, focus on functions specific to surfaces and interfaces, and aim to elucidate the mechanisms of these functions and to create new functional materials by making full use of experimental techniques using various probes such as synchrotron radiation, in collaboration with not only members of the institute but also users in industry, government, and academia in Japan and abroad. In particular, we are putting emphasis on operando observation of surfaces and interfaces of thin films and real-time observation of surface chemical reactions with the keyword "observing working surfaces and interfaces in situ", and are aiming to expand our research targets to various functional materials such as catalysts and batteries in the future. For this purpose, we are not only using existing methods but also pioneering novel surface observation techniques in cooperation with the members in the Photon Factory and the Accelerator Division VI in Accelerator Laboratory.

leader Leader : Prof. Kenta AMEMIYA


Kenta Amemiya [Professor]

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  • Development of novel surface/interface observation techniques
  • Depth-resolved analysis of chemical and magnetic states of magnetic thin films
  • Real-time observation of surface chemical reactions

Kaoruho Sakata [Associate Professor]

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  • Analysis of surface and interface properties by soft X-ray absorption spectroscopy, etc.
  • Operando observation of solid-liquid interface during electrochemical reactions
  • Analysis of surface properties of photocatalysts