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End Station Engineering Section / Photon Factory

The end station engineering section promotes the sophistication of beamline end stations including experimental devices and the development of measurement techniques, aiming to create new application research utilizing the features of synchrotron radiation. The section members play a central role to achieve the further development of synchrotron radiation utilization technology in collaboration with members of Synchrotron Radiation Science Divisions (SRSD) 1 and 2 and of the other sections in the PF.

Section Leader Section Leader:Nobutaka Shimizu

Organization and role of this section

  • This section organizes 10 methodological groups, and each beamline belongs to one of groups. These 10 groups are classified into six categories, which correspond to the six subcommittees of the Photon Factory Program Advisory Committee (PF-PAC).

    PF-PAC Methodological
    Beamlines Member
    1st Photoelectron spectroscopy 2A/B, 28A/B, 3B, 13A/B K. Ozawa( PF/End Station Eng.), T. Ohigashi (PF/End Station Eng.), K. Mase (PF/Beamline Eng.)
    Soft X-ray absorption spectroscopy 7A, 12A (under construction), 16A, 20A, 27A T. Ohigashi (PF/End Station Eng.), J. Adachi (PF/Beamline Eng.), K. Amemiya (SRSD1/Surface Sci.), N. Usami (PF/Adm.)
    Soft X-ray microscopy 19A/B S. Yamashita (PF/End Station Eng.)
    2nd X-ray diffraction and scattering 3A, 4B2, 4C, 6C, 7C, 8A, 8B, 10A, 14A, 18B D. Okuyama (PF/End Station Eng.), R. Kumai (SRSD1/Solid State Phys.), H. Nakao (SRSD1/Solid State Phys.), H. Sagamaya (SRSD1/ Solid State Phys.), H. Sugiyama (PF/Beamline Eng.)
    3rd Hard X-ray absorption spectroscopy 4A, 9A, 9C, 12C, 15A1, 27B, NW2A, NW10A Y. Niwa (PF/End Station Eng.), H. Abe (SRSD2/Materials Sci.), H. Nitani (PF/Beamline Eng.), N. Usami (PF/Adm.)
    4th Macromolecular crystallography 1A, 5A, 17A, NE3A, NW12A N. Matsugaki (PF/End Station Eng.), M. Hikita (SRSD2/Structural Biol.), Y. Yamada (SRSD2/Structural Biol.)
    5th Small-angle X-ray scattering 6A, 10C, 15A2 H. Takagi (End Station Eng.), N. Shimizu (PF/End Station Eng.), N. Igarashi (PF/Beamline Eng.)
    6th High pressure science 18C, NE1A, NE5C, NE7A Y. Shibazaki (PF/End Station Eng.)), N. Funamori (PF/Adm.)
    Ultrafast time-resolved measurement NW14A J. Adachi (PF-Beamline Eng.), S. Nozawa (SRSD2/Materials Sci.)
    X-ray optics and imaging 3C, 14B, 14C, 20B, NE7A K. Hirano (PF/Beamline Sci.), K. Hyodo (PF/Adm.), H. Sugiyama (PF/Beamline Eng.)

  • The beamline scientists are responsible for maintenance, upgrading, and promotion of public use of the beamlines in their group and aim to create new synchrotron radiation research that correlates with their specialized method while keeping an eye on the domestic and international situation and trends.

  • This section takes the initiative in discussion about the sustainability and development of the PF/PF-AR beamlines. This section is also responsible for fostering the next generation of beamline scientists, who will be trained not only in specific techniques but also in a wide range of beamline technologies common to synchrotron radiation facilities.


Members Role Specialized fields Links

Nobutaka Shimizu 
Leader, Small-angle scattering Small-angle X-ray scattering, Structural biology, Biophysics researchmap
PF-SAXS Beamline

Naohiro Matsugaki 
[Associate Professor]
Macromolecular crystallography Macromolecular crystallography researchmap

Kenichi Ozawa 
[Associate Professor]
Photoelectron spectroscopy Surface science, Surface and interface electronic properties researchmap

Takuji Ohigashi 
[Associate Professor]
Soft X-ray absorption spectroscopy X-ray optics researchmap

Daisuke Okuyama 
[Associate Professor]
Diffraction and scattering X-ray diffraction, Magnetism, Crystal/magnetic structure analysis researchmap

Hideaki Takagi 
[Assistant Professor]
Small-angle scattering Small-angle X-ray scattering, Polymer science researchmap
PF-SAXS beamline

Shohei Yamashita 
[Assistant Professor]
Soft X-ray microscopy X-ray absorption spectroscopy, Inorganic chemistry researchmap

Yuki Shibazaki 
[Assistant Professor]
High pressure science High pressure science researchmap

Yasuhiro Niwa 
[Assistant Professor]
Hard X-ray absorption spectroscopy Time-resolved XAFS, Imaging XAFS, Materials science researchmap