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KEK IPNS released a new promotion movie for the Belle II experiment in both Japanese and English on YouTube’s KEK Channel

It is a short, only three minutes movie, please enjoy !

The Belle II experiment is an elementary particle experiment searching for “New Physics” which can not be explained in the framework of the Standard Model. It is an international collaboration project in which 23 countries and regionsparticipate.

In mid-April, an operation called “roll-in” is scheduled to integrate the Belle II detector and the SuperKEKB accelerator, which is one of big milestones in this project. Please pay furthur attention to the Belle II experiment, which will accelerate excitement toward the start of phase2 scheduled at the end of the year 2017.

In addition, this movie came out as an outcome of media training course held on January 11, 12, and 14th. We invited Yoshiharu Fujita from Hokkaido University as a lecturer. This training course was carried out with “Producing Promotional Videos for Belle II Experiment” as a goal. We learned practically from how to handle photography instrument, interview procedure, movie shooting / editing, and experienced the process of video production.

【English】Belle II : Open a window to New Physics

【Japanese】Belle II 実験 : 「新物理への扉」