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The gears in this figure represent the mechanism of space-time, and the iris means the "eye" that sees them.

Bringing new eyes to humanity

Quantum fields are space-time with particles and quasiparticles created and annihilated and associated physical quantities. They are the origin of all the objects and phenomena in the universe. Research on the quantum field is essential to solving the mysteries of science. In recent years, research on quantum fields has made significant progress. Many new sensors for measuring quantum fields and new principles for using quantum fields have been proposed. And this has led to further new insights into quantum fields.
International Center for Quantum Field Measurement Systems (QUP) was established under this background. QUP aims to invent and develop new quantum field measurement systems. The term "quantum field measurement systems" has two meanings: to measure quantum fields and to measure with quantum fields. These are new "eyes" to see this world and can bring innovation to measurements in space observation and particle experiments. Finally, QUP tries to unravel the true nature of space-time and matter.

From Theory to Implementation

The concept of a "quantum field measurement system" includes the sensor for detecting the quantum field and the entire device, including the integrated circuit for extracting the signal from the sensor and the computer for analyzing it.
To create this system, knowledge, and techniques of various fields are necessary. However, research knowledge sharing among disciplines has become difficult. As research has progressed in recent years, research fields have become fragmented, and researchers in individual fields have been conducting research separately. To efficiently invent and develop quantum field measurement systems, QUP integrates the invention of new measurement principles for experimental cosmology and particle physics, the development of systems to realize these principles, and the execution of projects by bringing together researchers in the fields of particle physics, astrophysics, condensed matter physics, measurement science, and systems science. To demonstrate measurement systems, QUP's host institution, the accelerator facilities of the High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK), can be utilized.

This figure shows that researchers in particle physics, astrophysics, condensed matter physics, measurement science, and systems science come together to study measurement.

The clock in the figure represents the tool used to measure time, and the compass represents space. The background shows the expanding space-time and where the QUP is going.

Science of “Means”

The new quantum field measurement system that QUP aims for is a new “eye” and a "means" to approach the true nature of space-time and matter. The "means" is a tool to advance toward a goal, a vehicle to take us to our destination. New vehicles can take us to various places in addition to our destinations, and the new "means" created by QUP will also serve as a pathway for applications in other fields and society.
Our goal is to create a new field of quantum field measurement systematics as a "science of means" through our research activities.

International collaboration

QUP develops and invents new "eyes" through the cooperation of researchers in various fields. International collaboration is essential to this, and QUP's host institution, the High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK), has achieved outstanding results through large-scale international joint experiments. We will use this experience to conduct large-scale international collaborations and lead the world as a center while making significant contributions to research and education at universities and research institutes in Japan and abroad.

In QUP, researchers from around the world join hands to conduct research on "measurement". It is represented by the earth with a scale around it in this figure.

About the logo

The logo consists of "QUP" surrounded by Ouroboros shaped like a face. Ouroboros is a serpent or dragon eating its own tail. It is often interpreted as a symbol of infinity, rebirth, and circulation.
Nobel Prize-winning physicist Glashow used the Ouroboros to describe the hierarchical structure of the universe. The universe is hierarchically structured at each scale: elementary particles, nuclei, atoms, molecules, stars, stellar systems, galaxies, galaxy clusters, and the universe. The universe has scales at the macroscopic extreme but is governed by the laws of elementary particles at the microscopic extreme. This resembles Ouroboros. In honor of this, we have incorporated the Ouroboros into our design.

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