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Daniela Bortoletto

QUP Principal Investigator

Professor, Head of Particle Physics
University of Oxford


I am an experimental particle physicist at the University of Oxford, where I am also the Head of Particle Physics. My group in Oxford works on Silicon Detectors for Tracking and Imaging, ATLAS physics at the LHC, Mu3e and PSI and the Atomic Interferometric Observatory and Network (AION) in Oxford.

Research Content

I have been a member of the CDF experiment at FERMILAB, where I participated in the top quark discovery, and I started searching for the Higgs boson through its decays into bottom quarks. I continued searching for the Higgs at the CMS experiment at the LHC, where I played a role with my group in discovering this fundamental particle. I am now a member of the ATLAS experiment, where I focus on studies of the Higgs Yukawa couplings to fermions and better measurements of the Higgs boson mass and width. I am also looking for decays of a muon into two positrons and one electron with the Mu3e experiment at PSI. This process is improbable in the Standard Model of particle physics but could occur in many new physics scenarios. I recently joined the Atomic Interferometric Observatory and Network (AION), which will enable searches for ultralight dark matter and gravitational waves.

A large part of my research aims at developing and building the detectors that enable particle physics discoveries. I made significant contributions to the CDF SVXII silicon strip detector and the CMS Forward Pixel system. I am now working on the ATLAS ITk pixel detector for the High-Luminosity LHC. I am the deputy scientific coordinator of AIDAinnova, a European network developing new sensors for particle physics. I aim at developing the next generation of silicon detectors, and I am a collaborator of RD53 and RD50. I am especially interested in ultra-fast silicon detectors, new readout chips and monolithic pixel detectors using smaller node technologies.

I have been a member of many advisory panels to the UK and US funding agencies, laboratories, and experiments, including the US Particle Physics Projects Prioritization Panel (P5), the UK STFC Detector Strategic Review Panel and the Fermilab program advisory committee. I am passionate about gender issues in physics and increasing female participation in physics and other sciences.

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