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Masaya Hasegawa

QUP Principal Investigator

Associate Professor


“How did out universe begin?” and “What physical laws govern the Universe?”.
I’m challenging these simple yet one of greatest mystery of mankind through the measurement of the CMB polarization from the edge of the earth.

Research Content

I’m mainly working in the Simons Array (SA) experiment for CMB polarization measurement. In Simons Arary, I've contributed to the development of the receiver system (POLARBEAR-2), the installation on the telescope in Chile, and the commissioning. After the start of observation, I will contribute to telescope operation and data analysis through the instrument calibration and characterization.

I will also contribute to the next generation experiments. In particular, I will focus on the realization of the large superconducting detector (SCD) array or SDC array for space mission, such as Simons Observatory, CMB-S4 and LiteBIRD.

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